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Software Development


With obvious draw-back of off-the-shelf applications varying from difficulty in customizing to requiring a lot of investment in terms of capital and manpower to suit one’s requirements, enterprises have risen to the occasion to opt for a custom-built application that is closely aligned to their business processes.

While off-the-shelf applications cater to an enormous audience with general necessities, bespoke applications are selected by enterprises with specific business requirements. With the incremental standard of building and executing applications where small business methods are chosen to automate before entirely automating the business processes, risk failure is greatly reduced.

At Davtech we are determined to create robust applications that contribute your firm with an edge to attain business efficiency and allow you to equalize in this highly competitive and elevated performance-driven corporate world.

Custom Application Development

Application Migration and Porting

Testing and Validation

Application Maintenance

Davtech embraces a proactive strategy to custom application support and maintenance, by concentrating on long-term functionality, stability, and preventive maintenance to bypass any implementation or post-deployment issues.


Mobile apps are influential drivers of traffic, increasing advertising, sales, and growth. To make a special position in the market organizations must have an efficient mobile app to provide the best to their customers.Davtech supplies effective mobile app development services with a primary priority on providing competent, dynamic and affordable, mobile apps with on-time delivery.


The market is embarked by android devices. The most reasonable method for organizations to reach directly to every customer is through an android device. Davtech is a master android device developer with abundant experience. Our developed apps have brought the most incredible satisfaction to the clients.


Although android has taken over the market iPhone / ios is always the most bug-free and reliable platform for both clients and developers. The iPad/iPhone has its distinctive position in the market which is never going to fade. Davtech team has great professionalism in developing apps for this platform.


Although windows are gradually diminishing it shares a considerable client base in the market but still the significance of the application is not declining we, Davtech expert team can provide you best possible window app development at the most affordable price in the market.


Many organizations demand cross-platform app products to have an exceptional layout and configuration that runs on all platforms moreover cross-platform applications’ most persuasive factor is reduced development expenditure. Depending upon different business conditions sometimes cross-platforms are more beneficial than native. Davtech team of experts provides the considerable featured cross-platform app with splendid efficiency. The team of experts will enforce every prerequisite of the customer and bring out the best possible development to supply the finest deliverable.


For 8 years in software testing services, Davtech has built testing excellence in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, and different industries. ERP, CRM, Business process automation software, Supply chain management software, Ecommerce, Financial management software, Product lifecycle management software, Human capital management software.

Davtech professionals intently collaborate with the development teams for effective and efficient risk-based testing concentrated on innovation challenges. We are experienced and skilled with testing specifics of structures with the following innovative, progressive techs and architectures:

Microservices testing, Big data testing, AR testing, IoT testing, Blockchain testing.

1. Essential Testing Types:

Functional testing, Integration testing, Compatibility testing, Accessibility testing, Regression testing, Exploratory testing, Testing of newly introduced software functions

2.Specific Testing Types

Performance testing, Security testing, Usability testing

3.Test Automation

Davtech sticks to the proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) method to optimize the testing time period. Our test automation leads explore automated testing feasibility and estimate its ROI for each testing project. If it’s beneficial enough, we design reusable test scripts for automated testing at API and UI levels and introduce test automation within three weeks.